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Course Content:

Basic exam - product technology (materials, cast, wrought, welding, heat treatments, etc); certification scheme information; revision of NDT methods at Level 2 . Main method exams - general preparation and revision of chosen method at Level 3; sector specific preparation and revision of the NDT method including use of applicable standards; NDT procedure preparation and creation with use of applicable standards and specifications

Course Duration:

Contact the Training organization with the details of your qualifications.

Additional Information:

ISO 9712 mandates training hours prior to Level 3 examination. It is strongly recommended that prospective Level 3 candidates ascertain their exact training requirements by contacting the training centre with details of ISO 9712 qualifications held and other supporting documentation.

Exam exemptions may be available, these shall be obtained directly from CB using the Exemption form

It is strongly recommended that ISO 9712. Level 2 certification in the method sought is achieved prior to undertaking Level 3 exams; this will significantly reduce the training hour requirements.

Refer to the certification manual (CM 01) for more details


Course Objectives:

  • To state the responsibilities of a Level 3 as directed by the relevant scheme
  • To state the parameters relating to inspection of welds, forgings and castings
  • To be familiar with the main certification scheme requirements
  • To explain the principles of the major complementary NDT methods
  • To prepare for chosen method exam at Level 3 through revision and assessment in general and sector specific terms
  • To devise and write NDT procedures and instructions for the inspection of component and/or weld configurations in the chosen method

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