Impartiality Statement

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Impartiality Statement

The following policy is approved by the Scheme Committee, which comprises members representing stakeholders, and shall be adhered to by all Certification Body (CB) staff and members of Committee.

The CB takes seriously its responsibility to ensure impartiality and freedom from vested interests in all aspects of its certification business.

For the sake of its integrity and professional standing the CB and its staff recognise that it must be, and must be seen to be, making decisions and establishing policies to ensure conflicts of interest are prevented, or are resolved, so as not to adversely influence subsequent activities of the CB.

In order to ensure conformity with the requirements for impartiality, the CB has developed and implemented appropriate policies and documented procedures covering its certification operations. The approval of such documented systems is the responsibility of the Scheme Committee(s).

Before appointment, the CB carefully assesses the suitability of proposed members of the Scheme Committee, giving consideration to the impact the appointment could have upon the impartiality of its certification operations, and takes steps to ensure that no single interest is predominant